Everything Is Awkward Children's Book (Ages 4-8)


Everything Is Awkward Children's Book (Ages 4-8)

The New York Times Bestselling authors of the Awkward Family Photos franchise shine a light on childhood in this book that will have parents and kids cracking up.
Life isn’t perfect, and things don’t always go as planned. Like when you try to feed yourself and the food ends up all over your clothes. Or when you try to ride a bike and end up taking an epic spill. Or when you try to go potty and end up in the potty! This hilarious and heartwarming book is about embracing all of life's awkward moments.
And laughing at our ourselves makes it all a little easier, and a whole lot more entertaining. Because nobody's perfect... but everyone's awkward.

"The team behind Awkward FamilyPhotos (2010) unveils a playfully cringeworthy collection of kid-centeredphotos submitted to their website, celebrating the idea that "everything andeveryone is awkward." —Kirkus Reviews

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